Description: Electronic Teleconference Speaker Phone: Five Rings, Office Telephones

Description: Phone Rings Three Times, Pick Up, External, Office Telephones

Description: Phone Ringing On Line, Six Rings, Internal, Office Telephones

Description: Digital Flip Phone: Ring 3: Single Ring Cell Phones

Description: Mobile Phone: Belt Holder: Insert Phone; Cell Phones

Description: Telephone Booth, Old Fashioned, Rotary Dial, Coin Dropping; Digiffects; Telephones; Coin Foley

Description: 1912 Wall Phone: Three Cranks With Bell Rings Vintage Entertainment

Description: Telephone Ringing - Bakelite Phone 706 Model - Twin bell - 1940 to 1960s

Description: Video Cassette Recorder; Tape In / On / Out; Begins With Tape Being Inserted Followed By Some Machine Mechanics. Concludes with Tape Ejecting. Close Perspective.