Description: Automatic Digital Point And Shoot Camera With External Lens: Shoot Picture; Cameras

Description: Video Camera,MiniDV Camcorder,Camera Handling,Moves 1

Description: Flashbulb Pops; with Glass Crackle; ( 5 ) Flash Powder Ignite.

Description: Heavy Strobe Flash, Reverberant, Camera, Light Cameras

Description: Camera Flash Bulb, Very Large, Glassy Crack, Sizzle.

Description: 35 mm Still Camera Shooting Multiple Shots With Auto winder 1; Rapid Shutter Clicks With Motor And Servo Whine.

Description: Professional 35 Mm Slr Camera: Single Shot, Fast Shutter Speed; Cameras

Description: A digital camera beeps to indicate focus is achieved.

Description: Stinger; Camera Picture Shot, With Electric Flash Tail.

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