Description: This SFX pack contains beeps that can be used to censor or bleep out profanity, swear words, etc. There are many different beeps / bleeps included to fit your needs.

Description: Computer, Running; Interior Perspective Of A Slightly Off Computer Running With Changes In Tones And Texture Until It Is Shut Off And Winds Down.

Description: Feedback Only, High Frequency Tone.

Description: Beeps, Single Tones, Short & Long, Various Frequencies.

Description: Beeps; Very High-pitched Computer Single Beeps.

Description: Printer; Ink Jet Printer Quickly Prints Out Document.

Description: Mac Start Up Sound From Thin Speaker.

Description: Computer; Key Press And Beeps.

Description: Hi Tech Beeps / Buzz; Computer Robot Processing.

Description: Quick Marker Beep; Vintage Recording; Beeps

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