Description: Carbon Monoxide Co2 Detector: Groups Of Four Beeps, Close; Alarms, Miscellaneous Household

Description: Bell; Ambulance; Ambulance Bell. Intermittent.

Description: Burglar Alarm, Alternating Pitch, High, Low, Office; Digiffects; Alarms; Space Alarms & Malfunctions

Description: Warning Buzzer, Industrial Type; Short Successive Singles, Then Long, Single Buzz, Medium Distant Perspective With Reverb.

Description: Alarm 4, Contemporary, Factory - Science Lab - Spaceship, Interior Warning Alarm, Midrange Rhythmic Buzzing with Slap Back Echo & Reverb.

Description: Bell; Fire Alarm; Fire Alarm As Heard From Interior Fire Station.

Description: electronic arpeggio - good for slot machine, alert, alarm, winner.

Description: Looping beeping Electronic repeating single tone security emergency alarm alert

Description: Horns 4, Group / Party, ' New Year's Eve Celebration '.

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