Description: The sound of a house alarm going off in the street, with background external ambience

Description: Alarm - Distant Perspective With Slower Oscillations Than Tracks 1006-52, 53. Traffic Roar.

Description: Distant Alarm - Interior Closed Window Point Of View. Very Distant Traffic Roar, Bus By. Same Alarm As Track 1006-54. Natural End Of Siren.

Description: Federal Air Horn Siren; Long Steady With Good Tail Out.

Description: Alarm - Close Perspective Building Alarm, Like Whooper Siren. Sparse Traffic, Light Walla Movement.

Description: Alarm - Distant Perspective Of Building Alarm In Track 1006-52. Reflected Echoes Bounce Off Buildings. Street Ambience; Light Walla And Traffic.

Description: Distant fire alarm from inside building

Description: Horror / Sci-fi Background 5, Low Steel Saw Screeches & Tones, Ominous Sound.

Description: Horror / Sci-fi Background 3, Spooky Wisps & Spirit Bys, Varied, Very Weird.

Description: Horror / Sci-fi Background 2, Spooky Tones & Echoes, Specific Metal Scrapes, Strong Airy Wind.

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