Description: Door,Knock,Wood,Bang,Butt of Fist,Various

Description: A light wooden interior door opeing and closing. The room has a wooden floor which also adds a little natural reverb

Description: Door, Interior Door, Opening, Closing, Twice; Digiffects; Wood Doors & Gates

Description: Nicely detailed wood door open and close. Front door for older house/bldg/apt. Mono.

Description: Swinging Wooden Half Door: Swing Open And Release Sliding, Swinging & Revolving Doors;Wood Doors & Gates

Description: Door, Opening, Closing; Digiffects; Wood Doors & Gates

Description: Residential Wood Door: Slam Closed, Close Up Wood Doors & Gates

Description: Wood Apartment Door: Open Wood Doors & Gates

Description: Double French Doors With Ball Latch: Open Single Door Wood Doors & Gates;Latches