Description: Human Crowd Scream Go Go Go 01.

Description: Horse Race Track, Crowd Atmosphere Race Track Ambiences

Description: small southern us party crowd discussing movies and children,could be birthday party or some other family gathering.

Description: Ambience / atmosphere recording of a busy restaurant or party environment. Crowd murmurs steadily - great for background ambience.

Description: Crowd ( 20, 000 ): with Whistles / Applause, Steady. Cheers Crowd, Huge.

Description: School - Kindergarten Classroom.

Description: cheering and sporadic clapping of a bar crowd after or before a performance.

Description: This is short New Year Countdown audio (last seconds of the year) with fireworks, clinking glasses and big church bells sounds fx effects..Celebration of the New Year started..What a beautiful surprise for your friends and children! This track can be used as a holiday background for websites, video projects and films for children etc..Enjoy and thanks for buying!:)

Description: Human Crowd Scream Chug Chug Gradual Cheer 01.

Description: Monks Chanting Laudes; Monks Chant Afternoon Laudes, Excerpt From Their Celebration Of St. Peter And St. Paul, ( 1; 32 Monks Kneel ).

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