Description: cheering and sporadic clapping of a bar crowd after or before a performance.

Description: Pub Crowd Lively 2 - no modern sounds - drunken crowd and singing - good for 1840s

Description: General Ambience, Voices, Singing, Piano Bars & Pubs

Description: Piano Bar General Atmosphere Bars & Pubs

Description: Pub Crowd Lively 1 - no modern sounds - drunken singing - good for 1840s

Description: Pub Chatter Interior 1 - Middle class few people talking

Description: Sound of a busy pub with raised voices and pub sounds. Ideal for projects that require this type of sound effect.

Description: General Ambience: Two Drunk Men Bars & Pubs

Description: Small Bar Or Pub Ambience: Walla, Close Perspective Bars & Pubs

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