Description: Fight Scene, 2 Men, Groans, Upsetting Furniture, Human; Digiffects; Miscellaneous Foley Actions

Description: Argue; Couple Yelling At Each Other, From Next Door.

Description: Human Crowd Scream Go Go Go 01.

Description: Medium Outdoor Golf Crowd: Medium Applause And Cheering; Applauding & Clapping Crowds, Cheering Medium Outdoor Crowds, Golf

Description: Loop ready stereo sound effect or ambience recording of crowd walla or murmur that's great for background ambience.

Description: Medium Party Crowd: Voices, Laughter And General Murmur Excited, Surprised, Amazed & Positive Crowds

Description: The loud roars of fans cheering in a stadium.

Description: Crowd Panic And Yelling In Fire; Vintage Recording; Frightened, Screaming & Gasping Crowds

Description: General hubbub of west country english voices at a market or spring fair. Some birdsong in the background

Description: Large Outdoor Crowd: Running Marathon, Heavy Cheering As Runners Pass; Cheering Large Outdoor Crowds, Track & Field