Description: Medium Outdoor Golf Crowd: Medium Applause And Cheering; Applauding & Clapping Crowds, Cheering Medium Outdoor Crowds, Golf

Description: Stadium Crowd Cheering Cheering Large Outdoor Crowds;Stadium & Arena Crowds

Description: Light Spanish Walla In Outdoor Marketplace With Some Pointed Lines.

Description: Riot Scene: Car Horn, Fire, Siren, Distant Bullhorn, Chanting, Tear Gas Explosions, Emergency Angry, Booing, Hissing, Yelling & Disgusted Crowds

Description: Indoor: Large Concert Hall, Audience Theaters & Cinemas;Cheering Large Indoor Crowds

Description: Party Ambience, Whistling.

Description: Indoors: Small Group Cheering Small Indoor Crowds

Description: Human Crowd Tribal Unka Unka Chant 01.

Description: Riot Background, Exterior; Large Crowd Shouting In Extreme Anger; Close To Distant Perspective.

Description: Celebrations 2 - Old Town Square - Big Crowd - Brass Band Background