Description: Italy, Crowd, San Marco Square, Noon, Bells World Ambiences, Italy

Description: Large Outdoor Crowd: Swim Meet: Heavy Cheering During Race, Pa In Background; Cheering Large Outdoor Crowds, Announcements & Speeches, Swimming & Water Sports

Description: Crowd,Highschool Grad,Auditorium,Large,Idle,Chatter 1

Description: Interior Large Crowd Murmurs, Then Cheers And Whistles, And Finally Eventually Dies Down To Earnest Chatter.

Description: Large Outdoor Stadium: European Soccer Crowd: Goal Reaction, Heavy Cheering, Whistling, Chanting, Constant Roar, Cannon Blast, Light Distortion, Sports Chants, Charges, Phrases & Countdowns;Cheering Large Outdoor Crowds;Stadium & Arena

Description: Recording of a crowd inside of a museum. Indecipherable words are spoken but washed out by the reverb. Air conditioning, sneezes, lockers, and murmurs make up a large part of the content.

Description: Stadium Crowd: “the National Anthem”; National Anthem; Subtle Crowd Noises, Walla, Woman Singing ‘star Spangled Banner’, Audience Singing Along, Applause At End, Medium Perspective.

Description: mixed martial arts, wrestling, sports, fight, fighting ring, octagon, crowd, audience, cheer, applaude, surge, clap, boo