Description: Stadium Crowd Cheers & Whistles, High Energy, Huge Crowd, No Close Up Applause.

Description: Audience Applause, Cheers, And Whistles.

Description: Medium Audience Various Laughs; Vintage Recording; Laughing Crowds

Description: Crowd Applause And Whistles For Parade Approaching, Police Motorcycle And Horse Bys With Crowd.

Description: Indoor: Medium Crowd, Countdown From 10, Celebration, New Year'S Eve, Audience Crowd Chants, Charges, Phrases & Countdowns

Description: some laughters are quick - ready to be merged and combined with others. good for speech or conference add-on on corporate cd or film.

Description: Huge Extended Crowd Ovation, Ebbs And Swells Very Excited Concert Crowd With Women Screaming.

Description: Large Crowd: Indoors, Whistling And Yelling Applauding & Clapping Crowds

Description: Huge Extended Crowd Ovation, With High Energy Throughout And Large Swells Very Excited Concert Crowd.

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