Description: Outdoors: Bell, Enter School, In Halls, Crowd, Foreign, German, Ambience World Ambiences, China

Description: School Auditorium: Children Entering, School Band Tuning, Intensity Builds; Schools & Playgrounds

Description: Playground - Schoolyard, Children Playing.

Description: Sound of: Hundred of children at indoor playground

Description: Elementary School Playground Close Perspective With Many Energetic Children Playing; Yells Squeals, Metal Rattles, Ball Kicks, Busy Movement Close To Distant.

Description: CROWD - CHILDREN PLAYING: EXT: Boys playing stickball in street New York City, discernible coaching, ball hits and impacts, present city Background.

Description: Classroom, Students Taking An Exam, Environment, Ambience, Pens Rasping, Papers Shuffling, Office; Digiffects; Schools & Playgrounds

Description: Elementary School Classroom: General Ambience, Heavy Voice Walla, Children, Crowd Schools & Playgrounds

Description: High School Hallway: Large Open Room: Heavy Student Ambience Schools & Playgrounds

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