Description: School Hallway: Kids Walla And Walking with Lockers Open Close.

Description: CROWD - CHILDREN GIGGLES: INT: Two 6 year old girls giggling, consistent giggles, close to mic.

Description: Cheerleaders High School; Cheer 8; Hey Hey Hey, Two Two Two, Exterior Perspective.

Description: High School Outside Class Ambience, Distant To Close Up Voices.

Description: Two Small Girls Tickling Each Other, Giggling And Laughing, Cu.

Description: Elementary School Classroom: General Ambience, Heavy Voice Walla, Children, Crowd Schools & Playgrounds

Description: Crowd,Kids,Play,Co-op Park,Lite 3

Description: Lots of children playing in woodland. Shouting and laughing. Some bird song in the background, English voices and language

Description: Children Loop, Playing In School Yard.

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