Description: Small Group, Laugh And Giggle Laughing Crowds

Description: Laugh, Group, Hum Of Voices, Screams, Human; Digiffects; Laughing Crowds

Description: Televised, Canned Laughter Laughing Crowds

Description: Small Studio Audience: Long Laughter With Various Intensities Laughing Crowds;Cheering Small Indoor Crowds

Description: Children Laughing And Giggling, Single / Group Children Only Crowds;Laughing Crowds

Description: HUMAN VOICES & SOUNDS WOMAN: INT: Hysterical laughing, continuous, ‘no, no, no’ at end.

Description: Crowd ( 50 ); Laughs / Applause, Int / Wide Pov. Laughs Crowd, Medium.

Description: Medium Crowd Of Adults Laugh. Some Footsteps. Close To Distant Perspective.

Description: Crowd ( 50 ); Sporadic / Sparse, Int / Wide Pov. Laughs Crowd, Medium.

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