Description: Crowd,Interior,Claps,Single,Reverb,Flam 2

Description: Medium Studio Audience: Short, Light Applause Applauding & Clapping Crowds;Cheering Small Outdoor Crowds

Description: sound recorded by FXProSound. Usable in media, game, foley. Acoustic: processed, envelopped, normalized.

Description: A group of people clapping on a tour bus

Description: Crowd,Interior,Claps,Single,Reverb,Flam 3

Description: two hand claps under a bridge creating a natural ring modulated effect; the file loops quite well.

Description: Small Audience, Light Applause; Vintage Recording; Applauding & Clapping Crowds

Description: Junior Elementary School Children: Classroom: Applause And Cheering; Applauding & Clapping Crowds, Cheering Small Indoor Crowds, Children Only Crowds

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