Description: PowerBook 150, Open and Close, Start Up, Chime, Button Clicking, Plastic Movement, Computer Motor, Hard Drive Chatter

Description: PowerBook 150, Computer Motor, Wind Down, Wake Up, Hard Drive Chatter, Clicking, Shut Down

Description: Computer Keyboard, Space Bar, Double Button Punches, 2 Hit, Presses

Description: Hard Drive, Compaq PC Hard Drive, Random Clicking, Scans Files, Blower Fan Attached

Description: Tandy TRS80 Computer, Disk Drive Whirs and Grinding, Turning On, Typing, Switch Click, Buzzing

Description: Computer Boot, Disk In and Out, Switch On, Boot Tone, Fan Motor

Description: Old Mac G3 Computer, Start, Run, Fan Whir and Hum, Hard Drive Click, UI Beep Tone, Shut Off, Wind Down

Description: PowerBook Duo 280, Open Up, Wake Up from Sleep Mode, Motor Start, Wind Down, Shut Down

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