Description: Funny Popping Machine, Comedy Comic Friction Accents

Description: Harmonica: Last Post, Cartoon Comedy Music: Harmonica

Description: Spring Tension, 2 Versions X 3 Rooms; Digiffects; Comic Flexible Accents

Description: Strange Talking; Ferry-type Talking, Whispering, And Giggling.

Description: HUMAN VOICES & SOUNDS FEMALE: INT: Snoring, regular snoring, close to mic.

Description: Aero Model, Helicopter engine two-stroke, flying approaches and lands stop engine bg flying club environment

Description: Toy, Cartoon, Buzz, Rattle, 6 Versions; Digiffects; Toys; Comic Noisemakers

Description: High Pitched, Resonant Wheels: Continuous Turning Rattles, Comedy, Cartoon Comic Noisemakers

Description: Sputtering Vocal Motor Running, Comedy Engines, Motors & Machines

Description: Quacking And Chuckling Cartoon Birds & Animals

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