Description: 30 Bottle, Balloon, Soap and Mouth Pop Sound Effects for your Project: 30 Combinable plop sounds of a bubble popping useful for ringtones, presentations, whiteboard videos, movies, cartoons, games, youtube videos, trailers, websites, interface sounds and apps, game menus, and even musical compositions. This file is from the personal library of the trailer music composer Federico Soler Fernández (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets & Lord of the Rings - Middle Earth: Shadow of War) balloon, bottle, bub, bubble pop, bubble popping, bubble, bubbles, bubbling, bubbly, burst, bursting, button, cartoon, champagne, interface, logo, mouth, plop, ringtone, pop, popping bubbles, popping, pops, popup, snap, soap, soapy, water bubble, wine, 30 High Quality Sounds Included: Balloon Pop Snap [0:01] Bottle Pop Snap [0:01] Cartoon Plop Burst [0:01] Cartoon Soap Bubbles [0:01] Cartoon Water Bubble [0:01] Champagne Pops Bubbling [0:01] Clean Button Pop [0:01] High Quality Bubble Pop [0:01] High Quality Interface Pops [0:01] Infographic Bubbles Popping [0:01] Infographics Pop Ups [0:01] Logo Pop Up Bubbles [0:01] Pop Bundle 01 [0:00] Pop Bundle 02 [0:00] Pop Bundle 03 [0:00] Pop Bundle 04 [0:00] Pop Bundle 05 [0:00] Pop Bundle 06 [0:00] Pop Bundle 07 [0:00] Pop Bundle 08 [0:00] Pop Bundle 09 [0:01] Pop Bundle 10 [0:01] Pop Bundle 11 [0:01] Pop Bundle 12 [0:01] Presentation Plop Snap [0:01] Real Mouth Pops [0:01] Ringtone Bubble Popping [0:01] Ringtone Bubbles Popping [0:01] Ringtone Plop Burst [0:01] Ringtone Pop Ups [0:01]

Description: Microwave Heating and Start End Beeps

Description: This is the sound of morse code