Description: Pygmy Chimpanzee, Individual Peeps, Cicadas, Birds, Wamba Forest, Equateur Region, Zaire

Description: Monastery, Ambience, Exterior, Tibetan Monastery Sachung, Day, July, Quiet Rural Mountain Ambience, Some Birds, People Turning Prayer Wheels, Rattling Noise From Prayer Wheels, Someone Turns Prayer Wheel With Bell At 1.40, Quiet Tibetan Monastery Ambience, UNDECODED MS-STEREO TRACK

Description: Monastery, Ambience, Tibetan Monastery Rebkong, Backyard Ambience, Morning, July, Quiet Backyard Ambience With Distant Construction Work, Birds And Pigeons, Flapping and Cooing Pigeons

Description: Monastery, Ambience, Exterior, Tibetan Monastery Labrang, Monastery Ambience With Drums Playing, Birds, Distant Voices, Drums And Cymbals Playing At 1.40, Stop Playing At 1.47

Description: Monastery, Prayer Wheels, Exterior, Tibetan Prayer Wheel, Spinning Prayer Wheel, Large Prayer Wheel, Monastery Ambience In The Background, Distant Monks Talking, Some Birds

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