Description: Sound recording of someone cracking a couple of eggs into a bowl while cooking or baking.

Description: Loop ready stereo ambience of a lively diner or family restaurant. Waitresses are delivering food and clearing dishes, cooks are busy in the kitchen, and patrons are chatting away.

Description: Pouring a drink with ice.

Description: Ikea, Restaurant, Caf, Busy, Hum Of Voices, Version 1; Digiffects; Restaurants, Cafs & Cafeterias

Description: Classic "CHA-CHING" sound of an old fashioned cash register drawer opening with bell ringing at checkout.

Description: bartender shakes ice and drink in metal ice shaker.

Description: Small Crowd, Mens Voices, Dishes Clank Restaurants, Cafes & Cafeterias

Description: Sound of: cutting vegetables using knife

Description: Slicing green onion using kitchen knife

Description: New York City: Large Restaurant Crowd, General Ambience, Light Dishes Restaurants, Cafes & Cafeterias