Description: Loop ready stereo ambience of a lively diner or family restaurant. Waitresses are delivering food and clearing dishes, cooks are busy in the kitchen, and patrons are chatting away.

Description: Small Crowd, Mens Voices, Dishes Clank Restaurants, Cafes & Cafeterias

Description: pouring water into a glass with ice cubes

Description: Cash Register, Old, Money Machine, Coins; Digiffects; Cash Registers

Description: Sound of: frying meat - looping

Description: Cash Register, Shop; Digiffects; Cash Registers

Description: Busy restaurant ambience in France with inaudible conversations

Description: Bar Glass Clink and Clanks, Some Glasses With Liquid, Loop.

Description: dining sounds of 500 people at reception.

Description: background ambience of a small bar, people chattering, football on tv.

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