Description: Slamming the dryer door shut filled with clean undies.

Description: The java is going on the old Coleman stove, you get free camping and bird sounds as a bonus.

Description: This sound effect was designed as a loop, for constant ambiance in your film or video production.

Description: Turning on an overhead fluorescent light in a shop or garage with the sound of it swinging and humming.

Description: This track is designed as a loop, for an extended dryer background noise for your film or video.

Description: This dryer is turned on, you can hear the clips of the zippers and buttons.

Description: This seventy five dollar vacuum cleaner is cleaning ear to ear.

Description: A shop vacuum, 5 horsepower, to be exact, a handyman's secret weapon.

Description: The fan and gurgle of a humidifier, not to be confused with a de-humidifier which was also in the room - the humidifier won.

Description: Keep those unsightly nose hairs from disappointing the opposite sex.