Description: Rattling, Hissing, Movement, Animal, Reptile Reptiles

Description: Group Of Sheep And Lamb: Int: Eating, Movement, Calling; Goats & Sheep

Description: Small Group: Ambience, Some Roosters, Animal Birds;Goats & Sheep

Description: Group Of Sheep: Int: General Ambience: Constant Calling, Dog Barking; Goats & Sheep

Description: Sheep, Ewe, Lamb, Bleating, Close, Animal; Digiffects; Goats & Sheep

Description: Sheep Bleats. Group Bleats With Grassy Movement In Background. Close Perspective.

Description: Sheep and Lambs Bleating 1 - Close shot

Description: Sound of sheeps in a animal park.

Description: Spits, Hisses With Inhales, Air, Close Up, Animal, Reptile Reptiles

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