Description: Chimpanzee Chatter. A Series Of Short High Whinny Hoots. Close Perspective.

Description: Chimpanzee; Screeches And Vocals, Various Medium To Close Perspective.

Description: Monkey, Vervet Calls. Loud, Reverberant Calls In Wild. Medium Perspective.

Description: Very excitable noisy Chimpanzee

Description: Large Gorilla Hooting, Animal, Ape Primates, Monkeys, Chimps, Apes

Description: Siamang Monkeys Whooping And Singing Medium Cu W Birds Chirping In Background.

Description: Gorilla Grunt. Series Of Short Grunts Followed By Long Growls. Close Perspective.

Description: Baboon Groan. Low Pitched Moans With Inhales. Close Perspective.

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