Description: This is the sound of horse whinny. 7 versions

Description: Horse Galloping Cu W Heavy, Rhythmic Breathing.

Description: Horse Walking On Pavement Cu W Rhythmic Clicking Of Hooves, Slight Moan And Breathing.

Description: Horse Hooves On Pavement Cu In Medium Trot W Slight Panting.

Description: Single Horse Walks By On Cobbles; Single Horse Walks Slowly Up And By In Narrow Cobbled Street With Very Light Background Walla At Front, Medium To Close Perspective; Index 1 - No Pan / Index 2 - Panne.

Description: Horse Galloping In On Hard, Gritty Surface To Stop Cu, Mills Around W Snort, Heavy Breathing, Gallops Away.

Description: Horse Clicking Hooves On Hard Surface Cu W Half-turn.

Description: Horses; Constant; Horses Constant Past At Walk.

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