Description: Lion, Roars, Close, Animal, Version 1; Digiffects; Wild Cats; Lions, Tigers, Jaguars

Description: Humpback Whale Song, Water Rumble And Surf Break, Whistles And Grunt-Like Tones, B/G Sea Gulls, Ambience Whales & Dolphins

Description: Large Herd, Air, Heavy Multi Grunts, Groans, B/G Birds, Ambience Other Wild Animals

Description: Fin Whale With Minke And Transients, Grunt-Like And Chirp-Like Pulsing Tones Whales & Dolphins

Description: Sperm Whale, Various Clickings, Occasional Low Grunts Whales & Dolphins

Description: Male & Female, First Meeting, Voices, Birds Bears

Description: a herd of yaks passing by in the wonderfull ambience of solo khumbu, himalaya.

Description: ANIMALS-BIRD BGS AFRICA: Dawn constant bird calls, light wind, distant bird calls, Moremi, Botswana. Kalahari atmosphere.

Description: Various Movements In Water With Splashing Whales & Dolphins

Description: Whale Group: Ocean Background With Various Whale Calls; Whales & Dolphins

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