Description: Humpback Whale Call, Song, Tones With Occasional Grunt-Like And Squeak-Like Tones Whales & Dolphins

Description: Eating, Munching, Rustling Other Wild Animals

Description: Howls And Barks, Animal Wolves & Coyotes

Description: Elephant, Blowing Trunk, Trumpet, 6 Versions; Digiffects; Elephants, Hippos & Rhinos

Description: Buffalo, Herd, Waterhole, Drinking, Birds Singing, Animal, Safari; Digiffects; Other Wild Animals

Description: Humpback Whale: Underwater Communication, Small Group In Background, Animal Whales & Dolphins

Description: ANIMALS-BIRD BGS AFRICA: Dawn dense close and distant bird calls, insects buzz bys, Luangwa Valley. Zambian atmosphere.

Description: Hippopotamus, Snorting, Birds Singing, By The River, Animal, Safari; Digiffects; Elephants, Hippos & Rhinos

Description: Red Deer (Wapiti), Cervus Elaphus, A Ruttish Stag Roars In The Forest, Animal; Digiffects; Other Wild Animals

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