Description: Red Fox Vulpes Vulpes, Animal; Digiffects; Other Wild Animals

Description: curious animal growling or dying

Description: Elephant, Blowing Trunk, Trumpet, 6 Versions; Digiffects; Elephants, Hippos & Rhinos

Description: Deer, Barks, Mating Call, Forest, Animal, 5 Versions; Digiffects; Other Wild Animals

Description: Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin: Calling, Animal Whales & Dolphins

Description: Elephant Trumpet; Vintage Recording; Elephants, Hippos & Rhinos

Description: New Zealand White: Squealing, Animal Other Wild Animals

Description: Humpback Whale Song, Water Rumble And Surf Break, Whistles And Grunt-Like Tones, B/G Sea Gulls, Ambience Whales & Dolphins

Description: Black Bear: Multiple Roars And Breaths, Animal Bears

Description: Large Black Bear: Roaring And Growling, Animal Bears