Description: a short (0:02) bell-like production element perfect for slot machines (as a match tone).

Description: 8 bit death. The perfect fit for when that 8 bit sound is needed.

Description: a short (0:04) general gaming sound - bell arpeggio travelling up.

Description: Generic win sound, big and impactful

Description: A carousel ride from start to finish. As the merry-go-round starts you hear the ringing of a bell, then laughing children and happy parents. The music plays together with the mechanical sound of the spinning machine. Then stopping and letting people off.

by BeMusic | wav | 0:01 |

Genres: Sound Effects , Video Games / General Gaming Sounds

Description: Coin or point sound effect. Perfect for video game and app.

Description: playing galaxia video game.

Description: merry-go-round at a theme park.

Description: a short (0:03) chiff lead sample travelling up a broken chord (arp).

Description: Soft ambient tones for a peaceful ringtone or can be used as a loop for an app or game.

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