Description: a short (0:03) chiff lead sample travelling up a broken chord (arp).

Description: Sound effect for activating a shield or force field in a video game or collecting a shield related power up.

Description: Pickup: generic pickup sfx for collection of item #15

Description: Win sound for a big, exciting win

Description: Navigation Menu, item selection. Double tone beep. Short sound effect for games

Description: Win sound (Jackpot) for your works. Also can be used for a bonus level, points collected, level up, mission completed, stage cleared etc. Thanks for your attention!

Description: Royalty-free sound effect. Perfect for apps, videogames, films, multimedia, audio logos, presentations, radio, web design and a whole lot more!

Description: Spinning sound for a game wheel, like Wheel of Fortune or similar

by studio_1 | wav | 0:02 |

Genres: Sound Effects , Video Games / General Gaming Sounds

Description: sound of collecting a generic bonus item or pickup

Description: Generic win sound for a medium amount or prize