Description: A typical Wrong answer sound effect.

Description: Old School sound effect. Can be used for a coin, or a point in a video game.

Description: Sound effect for scoring action. Increasing score and cash register sound.

Description: Royalty-free sound effect. Perfect for apps, videogames, films, multimedia, audio logos, presentations, radio, web design and a whole lot more!

Description: 8 bit death. The perfect fit for when that 8 bit sound is needed.

Description: Intense pops and big bang of a large firework/firecracker

Description: One shot short cowbell sound which can be used as button, power up, jump, alert, grab or collect besides any one shot sound effect need for games, websites, movies and videos. wav 44 Khz, 16 bit.

Description: Generic win sound for a small amount or prize

Description: a short (0:04) general gaming sound - bell arpeggio travelling up.