Description: Upbeat & uplifting, wildlife safari theme, incorporating wild animal sound effects. Has a real feelgood flavour of Africa, but would be ideal for Zoos, Safari Parks, Wildlife Parks, Animal Theme Parks as well as African Safaris. Perfect for commercials, documentary & travelogue. Various mixes

Description: Mystical, tribal track with lots of percussion. Repetitive, hypnotic, and enigmatic. It sounds like a psychedelic ethnic music. A mixture of exotic World music and enigmatic, worrying atmosphere. Perfect to illustrate a strange ritual or a scary natural phenomenon.

Description: Stomp percussions is a positive, upbeat and energic acoustic stomp percussion track ! Suitable for all kind of positive and energic project !!!

Description: a heavy triplet groove is offset by a very chill feel and spacey piano melody.

Description: a zulu warrior is doing his thing.

Description: ethnic song emulating the music from rapa nui (easter island).

Description: This track is great for african and safari videos, wild and jungle backgrounds, african primitive and tradiotional scenes, tribal atmosphere and much more. It is also great for scary and dark ethnic moods and much more. Instruments: african drums, shakers, percussion, jungle flute, synth pads, bass,

Description: An exciting and fresh mix of drums, made of stomps, finger snaps, hand claps, real drum kit and cool electro rhythmic elements that make it a great choice for action scenes, dynamic video games, sport videos, advertising, motion graphics, podcast intros and more.

Description: blend of various cultures for a world music overview.

Description: middle-eastern flavored synth moodpiece with dance-oriented beat.

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