Description: A very melodic tango with Spanish-Italian like influence. Featuring many acoustic instruments. Can be used in comedies and ironic scenes.

Description: flamenco tanguillos with clapping and guitar.

Description: This one will get you hot around the Balarics. Bright uptempo Spanish Flamenco style 30 sec commercial

Description: latin theme by multi-tracking acoustic/electric guitar arrangements with guitar synthesizer.

Description: Guitar only Rumba Flamenca

Description: Romantic Spanish style music with Spanish guitar and rhythm

Description: spanish guitars with latin percussion.

Description: Spanish guitar track with some basic orchestral strings make up a dark and bittersweet tone to this one.

Description: flmenco bulerias - fast guitar and hand clapping.

Description: It is a rather known traditional Spanish thing in style of flamenko, derived from earlier folk-song form, with rich melody, including several parts in various moods.

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