Description: Spanish acoustic guitar joyful. Reflective emotional thoughtful nostalgic.

Description: Laid back Spanish Guitar track full of passion and emotion. Features latin style percussion, rhythm and lead guitar. Great for travel, holiday and leisure, Spanish and Mexican themes. Instrumental, Latin, Flamenco

Description: Piano, Cinematic, Atmospheric, Nice, Emotional, Tranquil

Description: Piano, Cinematic, Atmospheric, Nice, Emotional, Tranquil

Description: Sunny positive flamenco with acousic nylon guitars and percussions ( shakers, claps, bongos) immerses to atmosphere of joy, love and sunny happy.

Description: Gypsy Kings in Concert - latin. Marvin Urias - Free Music Publishing

Description: Composition of flamenco music played with a romantic air principalemnte ideal for dance, documentaries and travel programs on piano Spain, flamenco, its gastronomy, Instrumental, Latin Music, Flamenco

Description: Electronic drums follows a Spanish guitar’ introduction. Melodic motives are merged with exciting arpeggio’s textures creating a rich harmony. More fresh iberoamerican vibe… Good fit for travel, tourism, fashion shows, food programs, TV, documentaries, trailers, comedy, restaurants, etc.

Description: A very melodic tango with Spanish-Italian like influence. Featuring many acoustic instruments. Can be used in comedies and ironic scenes.

Description: flamenco tanguillos with clapping and guitar.

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