Description: Bouncy playful positive reggae theme-:60

Description: Uptempo, Reggae/Ska and breezy.

Description: Uptempo, Reggae/Ska and bright.

Description: A high energy Ska instrumental in the custom of late-1970’s English 2 Tone. Includes applause at end.

Description: Bouncy playful positive reggae theme-:30

Description: Rock, Ska, Active, Confident, Enthusiastic, Struttin, in a Confident, Energetic mood, featuring Bass, Brass, Drums, Piano, Acoustic, Guitar, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: Rock, Rock-1980'S, Ska, Active, Action, Adventure, Airy, Alienating, Alluring, Big, Bold, Bouncy, Brash, Building, Melodrama, Moody, Mysterious, Pulsing, Punchy, Quirky, Charming, Confident, Determined, Dreamy, Driving, Dynamic, Edgy, Eerie, Expressive, Frenzied, Flowing, Feel Good, Struttin, Swirling, Intense, Groovy, Traveling, Uplifting, in a Confident, Energetic, Mysterious, Reflective mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Guitar, Electric, Flute, with a Mid tempo

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