Description: Solo uileann from the highlands

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-Scotland, Drama, Folk, Historic, Alluring, Airy, Bold, Beautiful, Ballad, Brash, Breathy, Confident, Determined, Dramatic, Ethereal, Expressive, Majestic, Melancholy, Mellow, Passionate, Peaceful, Pleasant, Proud, Pulsing, Reflective, Retrospective, Sad, Spiritual, Flowing, Gentle, Tender, International, Introspective, Wordly, Vibrant, Ethnic, in a Reflective, Sad, Poignant mood, featuring Bagpipes, Brass Band, with a Free, Slow, Very Slow tempo

Description: Traditional bagpipe melody played by many bagpipers and drummers. Great for different settings involving bagpipes. The melody is pompous, marching and a bit militaristic. From Braveheart to modern times. Marching, Bagpipes, Fanfare, Scottish, dramatic, heroic, History, medieval, celtic, War, Military, March, Pompous, Forceful, Intense, Beautiful, Atmospheric, Strong, Triumphant, Majestic, Celebratory, Powerful, Booming, Confident, Pulsating, Saint Patrick's Day, Scottland, Braveheart, scottish, inspirational, proud

Description: scottish traditional style music.

Description: Dreamy, slow, floating Celtic atmosphere with solo female celtic vocals. New age yet with a historic flavour of Celtic tradtion.

Description: Time Honored Musical Icon, Traditional

Description: Accordion and flute in popular Scottish ballad, atmosphere of distant ancient journeys. Men adventurers, exporters and conquerors.

Description: classic Scottish ballad lament penned by Scottish composer James Scott Skinner in 1903

Description: Acute flute solo with magical march mysterious gypsy melody

Description: Fits for many projects, documentary,corporative,movies,web.