Description: Acoustic guitar piece in Russian style, just heart-to-heart talk.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. The musical composition with piano, guitar, accordion. It’s medium, shanson, russian, crime/gangster, retro. The mood of music is usual life of an usual russian criminal

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill.The musical composition with harmonica, balalaika. It’s slow, folk, experimental, cartoons. The mood of music is fairy tales about woody people and animals

Description: National Russian folk music created with drums and balalaika. Traditional motives will sound good in a podcast, tv or radio program, commercial, documentary, folk festival. Also good choice for a Russian fan zone at the 2018 FIFA World Football Championship.

Description: Ambient ethnic composition with modern rythm. I've used ancient ethnic instruments: gusli (psaltery), sopilka (kind of flute); and modern: bass guitar and drums.

Description: This is a musical illustration for scene of some unserious and funny rural scuffle. I used here a scythe as a percussion instrument and two balalaika’s to add a russian ethnic flavour to this thing.

Description: This is a very lively classical piano polka.Ideal for Eastern European underscore.

Description: Accordion and three string Russian Balalaika instruments are used throughout this eastern European theme providing a joyful, acoustic, dance style theme useful for documentary, playful or happy themes.

Description: A fun, comic piece based on a traditional Russian folk song (Dark eyes). Digitally aged to sound like old vinyl. Played here on banjo and acoustic guitar in the Gypsy Jazz style found in Europe. Great for comedy and quirky media that requires a lighthearted, Russian or Eastern European vibe.

Description: Upbeat, fun gypsy jazz guitar version of Russian folk tune.

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