Description: Uptempo, lively and jolly Mediterranean style theme. Features mandolins, acoustic guitar, fiddle and light percussion. Ideal for world music, Greece and Italy, travel and commercials. Main mix (which contains slower middle section), u/score, 60 and 30sec versions

Description: Rockier version and slightly faster version of Great Britain's national anthem. Features electric rock guitar lead with orchestral backing. (see also full orchestral versions and string version)

Description: Warm, welcoming and relaxed Oriental track composed for commerials. Charming, tranquil and tender. Features traditional oriental instrumentation. Perfect for 30sec Radio & TV commercials for Chinese, Japanese or Asian restaurants or take-way businesses. Also suitable for documentary. 30sec Advert

Description: Slow, majestic, panoramic Oriental atmospheric theme. Features orchestra with lead violin, big gongs and cymbals. Great for audio visual, documentary, historic, travel. Main mix with opening and theme mix

Description: Laid back Spanish Guitar track full of passion and emotion. Features latin style percussion, rhythm and lead guitar. Great for travel, holiday and leisure, Spanish and Mexican themes. Instrumental, Latin, Flamenco

Description: Piano, Cinematic, Atmospheric, Nice, Emotional, Tranquil

Description: Piano, Cinematic, Atmospheric, Nice, Emotional, Tranquil

Description: An energetic island track featuring steel drums with an awesome drum beat.

Description: A beautiful and tranquil new age/yoga track with nice guitar and flute melodies over laid back percussion.

Description: Sunny positive flamenco with acousic nylon guitars and percussions ( shakers, claps, bongos) immerses to atmosphere of joy, love and sunny happy.