Description: This is an inspirational and motivating corporate music track. Great for corporate projects and videos, broadcast production and commercials. Uplifting and hopeful melodies and harmonies that bring hope and inspiration to the listener.

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-Other, Religious & Spiritual, Ethnic, Tribal, Spiritual, in a Confident mood, featuring Vocals, Chant, Male, Percussion, with a Mid tempo

Description: Pop Waltz sound like limonaire and pop orchestra with accordion

Description: Gundul Pacul is a traditional folk song from central java, Indonesia. A native gamelan instrument combined with small chamber orchestra and flute.

Description: Wonderful for corporate projects.

Description: Experimental Interrogation music for law enforcement and military to use. This track is intended to disorient the subject. Possible uses are before being interrogated so they forget their lies, or while interrogation. Other uses might be by military to play loud to confuse the enemy or combatants.

Description: Soft sounds plays in the distance which combines with synth effects to create a peaceful relaxing ambient track designed to create a sense of relaxation and peace. Very useful for intro, calm or relaxing background music scenes.

Description: Echoing flutes over a distant spooky drone, telling the story of our ancestors. Let the music lead you into the world of the Neanderthals that roamed the European forests for millennia.

Description: Fits for many projects documentary,corporative,movies,web.