Description: Sultry, passionate, rhythmic, Spanish Flamenco theme with a contemporary beat. A real modern day flavour of Spain with a traditional feel. Features acoustic guitars, casinets, strings, percussion. Ideal for travelogue, holiday presentations, documentary, historic & commercials.

Description: A modern twist on an upbeat festive Mediterranean/Middle Eastern vibe

Description: Lively Greek traditional-style mid-tempo folk dance. Full of warmth, romance & charm. Sipping Ouzo by a taverna in the moonlight. Features bouzouki, mandolin, acoustic guitars & tambourines. Perfect for Commercials through to travelogues. Main Mix, 60sec, 30sec versions

Description: Happy little Italian melody, perfect for adverts and commercial use, has a very happy feel good vibe, beautiful mandolins and accordians for a delicious Gypsy Cafe sound! Good for Cookery shows and presentation, with pizzicato strings for a light hearted whimsical moment.

Description: Sweet, Light-hearted traditional style, sauntering Musette waltz. Medium tempo, happy French pavement cafe on a moonlit night, dining by candlelight, sipping a saucy little Beaujolais with the one you love. Classic accordion ensemble. Perfect cliche French music for TV, documentary and commercials

Description: Fits for many projects,documentary,corporative,movies,web.

Description: Beautiful and peaceful music inspired from the Mediterranean countries with piano, acoustic nylon guitar, harp and flute. Great for your spa or for a tranquil place.

Description: Only classic guitar and unobtrusive key pad for a quiet, soft and smooth song. Can be used concurrently with my other composition "Chitarre" in a work that needs different songs coming from the same root.

Description: Happy, motivational and very dynamic music, going wider and wider. Nice and smooth piano melody. Very useful to use in any kind of project like business and marketing, presentations, openings, video display, after effect projects, games, websites, corporate and commerce works, intros, logo or ident works, film trailer and TV projects...

Description: Beautiful Acoustic nylon string guitar playing a series of flamenco (Spanish) influenced themes in a variety of tempos. Would also work as a loop.

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