Description: vacation resort groove. keys trade motifs with steel drums among congas, flutes, piano and bass. piece builds a relaxed energy to resolution.

Description: A salty old seadogs delight with this traditional sea shanty played on accordian. 30 sec commercial

Description: se asian influenced sting (8 of a set of 9).

Description: world music new type of product of music orchestral

Description: Viking War Drums loop going into battle

Description: Indigenous Caribbean drums with Marimba creating an unstable and mysterious yet fun feel. Also sounds sneaky like a spy snooping around in a movie.

Description: Short opening tune with african elements. Good for travel shows,animal documentaries

Description: This jocular folk melody lives somewhere between Russian balalaika, Greek tavern, and polka. Works both as playful source music or as a cheeky TV spot.

Description: Mexican folk theme for flute and guitar starts with a challenge, progresses through some suspenseful action, and ends with a red cape fluttering easily in the wind.

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