Description: World Beat, Ethnic, Ethnic-Mexico, Wordly, International, Regional, Active, Bright, Enthusiastic, Excited, Happy, Traveling, Exotic, in a Adventurous, Happy mood, featuring Guitar, Accordion, Piano, Acoustic, Electric, Trumpet, Percussion, Brass, Claps, with a Fast tempo

Description: Lively & festive Latin song with acoustic guitar. Very upbeat & happy!

Description: Energetic loop with Brazilian percussion, whistle and gong.

Description: Latin, Ethnic, Ethnic-Latin America, Active, Carefree, Carnival, Exotic, International, Groovy, Fun, Uplifting, in a Fun mood, featuring Percussion, Bass, Brass, Guitar, Acoustic, Piano, Vocals, Male, with a Mid tempo

Description: Laid back Latin folk song with acoustic guitar. Has mid-tempo cheerful polka beat.

Description: Try to stop your hips from moving and your toes from tapping when this infectious salsa starts to play. This short and simple loop is great for background music for television or games and is sure to get the listener feeling a little bit of that sweet and saucy Latin romance.

Description: Authentic Spanish Flamenco track with acoustic guitar and percussion. Very romantic, emotional feel.

Description: Fun, sexy, and flirtatious, this merengue is sure to please. Heart racing, hips swaying, feet flying, your body will have a mind of their own as you listen to this merengue. It will create a positive and outgoing environment at your next event. This song features: brass, piano, nylon strings guitar, percussion, bass, drums. Please refer to other versions of this song for different instruments mixes.

Description: Hot & sexy festive latin song featuring Flamenco style guitar playing!

Description: Ethnic, Latin America, International, Tribal, Traveling, Urban, Groovy, Ethnic, Repetitive, Adventure, Building, in a Adventurous mood, featuring Percussion, Bongos, with a Slow tempo

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