Description: Klezmer with soprano saxophone, calrinet and band, minor key.

Description: Traditional Eastern European Jewish Klezmer folk tune featuring mandolin and acoustic guitar. Fun, upbeat and bouncy. Digitally aged to sound like old vinyl. Great for weddings, celebrations, holiday, travel, cooking and anything requiring an energetic, cheerful or old fashioned soundtrack.

Description: Occasions-Weddings, Occasions, Klezmer, Religious-Jewish, Religious & Spiritual, Bouncy, Cheery, Festive, in a Fun mood, featuring Accordion, Piano, Clarinet, Claps, Bass, with a Mid tempo

Description: this upbeat, joyful klezmer song features rhythmic guitar and intricate percussion as a foundation for soaring violin and clarinet melodies.

Description: Klezmer, Excited, Ethnic, Festive, Hi Energy, Fun, in a Adventurous, Fun, Exciting, Aggressive mood, featuring Drums, Synth, with a Mid tempo

Description: Klezmer, Gentle, Tender, Expressive, Soft, Reflective, Sentimental, in a Reflective, Emotional mood, featuring Guitar, Flute, Strings, Synth, with a Very Slow tempo

Description: Perfect for that Italian or Jewish feeling, quirky and fast paced, this piece delivers an immediate sense of setting to your listener. Big celebration, families, children and friends. Festive and fun, works for several regions in the world and loops to extend the sweet quirkiness of the music, Instrumental, Middle East, Jewish Folk

Description: Short punchy Jewish Klezmer logo played on mandolin, guitar and bass.

Description: It’s loop track. It pretty cool and fresh. Dubstep style beat, and sitar with some percussion. Groovy and exotic track, actually.