Description: Tradtional style German or Bavarian drinking song played by Oom Pah Band featuring Euphonium, Tuba, Accordion & Clarinets. Use for documentaries, travelogues and histories. Main mix and underscore versions

Description: Classic Bavarian style drinking song, played with traditional instrumentation. Jolly, happy-go-lucky foot-tapping circular tune, typical German traditional music. You can almost smell the beer and the leather Lederhosen. Great for travelogue, documentaries, historic & commercials. 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: If you like good German Beer and hanging out at the pub, break out your lederhosen shorts and listen to Minor Mishap, One of those good old um-pah singalongs. However this is an instrumental, you get the idea. Eastern European Beerfest, Bavarian/German out door cafe. Quirky Fun Happy European car, Instrumental, Folk Music, Contemporary Folk

Description: This is a happy uplifting accordion instrumental.It has a carnival,circus,fairground,German,Russian,French,European feel.Ideal for underscore.Background.Waltz.Repetitive,

Description: Bavarian Beer Hall Polka, travel

Description: A short happy Eastern European accordian Waltz.Ideal for underscore.Gypsy.

Description: A short classical Waltz.Ideal for period cues.Underscore.Keystone Cops.Silent Film.

Description: medium tempo german punk band Male vocal only version

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