Description: Very pretty ethnic song with indian instruments.Classical Indian raga featuring sitar, violin, tabla and tanpura. Authentic traditional music for projects dealing with India, Eastern spirituality.

Description: Hypnotic, fast moving & catchy Indian Bhangra groove, full of energy, drive & passion. Contemporary western influences fused with traditional cinematic colourful Bhangra dance. Features electronic drums alongside tablas, synths alongside Asian strings. Great for travelogue & documentary.

Description: Đàn thiên thu đứt dây tơ rồi, Theo sóng vàng cát lỡ sông bồi. Còn chi nữa, biển dâu đã bao đổi dời, Về phương Nam ngắm sông ngậm ngùi, Thương những đời ...

Description: A fast paced loop based on ethnic drums. Ideal for projects featuring African atmosphere, jungles, dark rituals and boss fights.

Description: Slow irish lament played by a violin on the top of sustained atmospheric pad sets a mood of loneliness and deep thinking about nature and life.

Description: African flute, tribal drums and continuous African percussion create a traditional adventurous African track with many joyful uplifting elements. The instrumentation conveys African village life and tourism making it ideal for documentary’s and travel. The theme is also very suitable as an animal theme or used to represent wildlife.

Description: Very happy and relaxed track driven by mallets, acoustic guitars and percussion with an African vibe.

Description: Oriental song that sets us in a Middle East town as we listen to the mystical harmonies of the sitar with percussive sounds of tablas and timpanis. - each version is different - extended and 60 second versions available.

Description: Relaxing background SPA music with native Australian sounds

Description: Oriental melody with "oud" guitar and traditionals instruments

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