Description: A two-beat jazz tune with a bit of bluegrass and celtic stylings featuring banjo, acoustic bass, ukulele, acoustic guitar and tin whistle.

Description: This track was inspired by my Native American heritage.. Great for any movie production...Complete with Native American chanting at the end

Description: Tribal ceremony preparing for the war

Description: a nice Irish type dance song that is best suited for an Irish outdoor festivity

Description: Viking War Drums loop going into battle

Description: Bringing together friends and family at the summer cottage. Good times and memories. Gypsy family dance Fun and festive Medieval celebration. Folk dance with lots of cheerful energy. Fast and exciting , this track is great for comedy cartoon chase, oldies , fun, folk , wagon ..

Description: Indigenous drums of war that haunt, hypnotize, and strike fear into any opposing warrior.

Description: High speed safari across dusty African planes. Ethnic percussion based track with balafons and Zulu chants. Various cut downs and mixes available

Description: A slow yet mysterious tune, the sense of lost or the discovery of a new Jungle.

Description: Very pretty ethnic song with indian instruments.Classical Indian raga featuring sitar, violin, tabla and tanpura. Authentic traditional music for projects dealing with India, Eastern spirituality.

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