Description: World percussion, Uplifting, cheerful, groovy World beat pop track, with instruments from lots of countries celebrating together with a happy, positive groove

Description: flute and pads in a bed of Indian inspired electronic drumbeats

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. The musical composition with sitar, bass, synths. It’s medium, world music, electronica, travel. The mood of music is epic, enigma, suspicious, strange place

Description: a gently litling piece with harp, marimba and xylophone. fluid, atmospheric and peaceful.

Description: new age and world fusion instrumental using an odd meter. Using odd ethnic instruments. An exciting and briskly moving and grooving song.

Description: Collective of influences including tribal, Indian, traditional western orchestration embracing new age soundscapes.

Description: Contemporary Electropop underscore. Mid-tempo modern electronic dance, with a strong beat, glitches and an automated robotic feel. Also has modern electronic oriental influences. Perfect for documentary or radio and TV adverts for electronics, hi-tech, youth culture and modern Japanese culture. Main, 60sec, 30sec and underscores

Description: Ethnic and Folk Flavored, World Music, Percussive.

Description: Ethnic and Folk Flavored, World Music, Percussive.

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