Description: Haunting female vocal sings high over harp and acoustic guitar with distant male voices, sweeping strings, suiting Celtic, Scottish and possibly Irish, one of a suite of six pieces Celtic instruments, choir, solo boy voice, harp, strings .scottish music.celtic orchestra,

Description: ballad with effects of nature underscore.

Description: An Irish-style, atmospheric feel-good instrumental, with influences from Ireland and Scotland.

Description: Medieval Celtic Castle -This epic ballad describes medieval celtic mood, knights and dragons, fairy peaceful feeling. Best for rpg games, medieval fantasy trailers. Instruments: guitar, flute, violin, orchestra.

Description: In the best of Irish music traditions, this grand piece begins with a bagpipe ensemble changing to a lively celtic harp and flute melody, percussion and resolving to a grand finale of pipes, harp, flute and mandolins. Perfect for projects with an Irish or Scottish theme, St. Patricks Day and documentaries.

Description: Trad. Irish folk music with fiddle and guitar.

Description: sad emotional instrumental music with irish flute and sea waves sound in the background

Description: A classical acoustic guitar arrangement. Very evocative,somewhat sad but also mysterious and heroic. Big sound with just alittle reverberation to give it some spaciousness.

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