Description: celtic whistle played over a rich, ambient synth bed.

Description: Traditional Irish dance with authentic jolly sound

Description: Trad. Irish folk music with fiddle and guitar.

Description: Popular Irish track with lively, fun feel

Description: Travel across the globe as you listen to this traditional Celtic Irish melody. It would be a great sound bed for either a documentary, history or travel video. Tourist or not, you will want to pack your bags as soon as you hear this wonderful Celtic piece.

Description: Coming Home is a powerful mid tempo song of triumph. Acoustic Guitars played in a powerful Celtic style, large horn section driving bass and drums with the flute coming in and out. The song make you stand to attention.

Description: ballad with effects of nature underscore.

Description: the compositional depiction of 'gypsies of galatia' developed along the harmonic structure of the introduction of the track. the i vi ii iv chord...

Description: Happy and cheerful celtic song with traditional instruments as accordion and flute

Description: Haunting female vocal sings high over harp and acoustic guitar with distant male voices, sweeping strings, suiting Celtic, Scottish and possibly Irish, one of a suite of six pieces Celtic instruments, choir, solo boy voice, harp, strings .scottish music.celtic orchestra,

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